Delayed ejaculation

The taking too long or not being able to orgasm can leave both people at a loss. Do you feel like you’re missing out on pleasure? Or you feel pressure from your partner? Is she asking “Why don’t you orgasm?” Although many people are unaware of the fact that men can struggle to reach orgasm, delayed ejaculation is the third most common reported male sexual struggle.

Delayed ejaculation, often referred to by doctors as ‘impaired ejaculation’, is when you are unable to orgasm easily or not at all. You are able to easily get an erection, but you are not able to let go into orgasm. From some men, they are never able to orgasm. For others, it takes so long to reach your peak, it is disruptive to the sexual experience on a whole.

A magic pill?

Have you seen a medical doctor for this issue of delayed ejaculation? Then they shared that there is no medical treatment available for you. Medically, this is correct. No one has created a pill that will allow you to ejaculate more quickly. I imagine you left the visit disillusioned and feeling there is no hope for you? But what if that doesn’t have to be your fate?

Yes! There’s help for you!

I am here to assure you that there is help! Delayed ejaculation is cured through learning how to following the pleasurable sensation in your body. Uncovering your hidden thoughts and emotions and learning how to follow what really turns you on. Sometimes we are holding ourselves back without even being aware that we are.

We’ll delve deep into what is literally holding you back in sessions together. Whether your struggle has been lifelong or recent, we will uncover the hidden reasons that keep them from easily letting go into your orgasm. You deserve to better understand your body and desires, finding easy routes to pleasure that are fun, satisfying and fulfilling.

First Step

Over years of helping people address delayed ejaculation issues, I have learned that the first step to overcoming this struggle is to learn how to talk openly about what is going on for you. We must help you learn how to easily discuss and open up around what you are feeling, thinking and wanting.


Book your first session today and take the first steps towards your transformation.

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