What if I told you that you’re missing out on life? You are missing out on opportunities to meet “the one,” or ones. You’ve already missed out on cool, interesting conversations with people and possibly life-changing experiences. You might wonder why – how could this happen? “…..I subscribe to every mailing list, event app, and read all my friends posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….I am not missing anything!”

I am here- pleading, screaming and even crying- I want you to see that you are in fact missing out. You are missing out on the world that is happening right in front of your eyes. You are missing out on people to practice flirting with, first dates, one-night sex capades, lovers, and perhaps even your life partner. When you look down into your phone to read about what is going on out there, you miss what is happening right here.

You’re missing out on connection

You may have seen this viral video already. It is very apt:

When I go to my local coffee shop, gym, grocery store, etc., everyone is on the phone. I am so often unable to find someone to make eye contact or engage in any sort of conversation. Why? because we are so glued to technology. People don’t even notice a beautiful. tall. blonde. that bleeds sexual energy and is standing right. next. to. them. The only person whose attention I can normally get is the cashier (often that is a really lovely exchange).

Open your eyes and look around

What if when you walked down the street, you held your head up and looked around. Made eye contact with people, even smiled, and felt what it was like to connect. Most likely you would make an unexpected connection and it would brighten your day. Notice how many people are attractive. Take a mental note of who you would like to talk with.

Do the same at your coffee shop, at the grocery store, or standing in line anywhere. Let yourself be moved to talk to people that seem interesting and attractive. Especially if you are single.

If you are single, you are most likely on various dating sites. That is great! It is important to not shut yourself off to your immediate world, however, and let all your hopes and dreams ride on your profile to find you a great connection. This is what Nikita calls your “air” game. You need a “ground” game, too. Although the people you meet may not be the best match for you, they might know someone who is. Allow your gut intuition guide you to people who are suppose to be in your life.

Let intuition be your guide

This plug to get off your phone and be present in your immediate life will only work if:

1. You like people;

2. You still want more friends in your life;

3. You are open to enjoying and trying out fun, cool new things;

4. You can see the benefit of getting off your phone, in which case you most likely already have. If you do not fall into any of the above categories, then I am not sure how to convince you that you are missing out on social and potentially intimate opportunities.

The truth is, we never know who we will meet when we open our eyes. Today, at the grocery store you just might meet an amazing friend or life partner that you will spend the rest of your life with.

Say hello.

Our lives are forever changed by who we allow ourselves to connect with. So get off your phone, put it in your pocket, and open your eyes to what is happening right in front of you.