Diving head-first into change can be the most efficient way to experience the results we desire. If you are motivated to immediately advance in your erotic world, starting with an intensive could be a perfect option for you.

Intensives featured imageEach intensive is individually tailored to meet your specific goals. With these longer session times, we will have time to go directly into the areas you want to more deeply develop, jumpstarting your sex life so you can have a more sexual pleasure right away.

If you are curious to know if these longer session would be the best option for you, contact me.

Out of Town

Have you have read over my site and liked what you’ve seen? Feel like my approach could transition your sexual world into one of abundance and pleasure but you do not live in the Bay Area?

I have helped countless people in similar situations as yourself from all over the world through intensives. These longer, more in-depth sessions will help you quickly reach your goals sending you home a more sexually advanced person.