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for Overcoming Premature Ejaculation in the Privacy of Your Own Home…


Keeley Rankin

My name is Keeley Rankin, leading sex and relationship coach with a specialty in male performance struggles.

Let’s face it, ejaculating too soon is the ultimate buzz-killer.

Ejaculating too quickly can not only ruin an entire evening…. It can adversely impact your psychological well-being, quality of life, confidence, and sexual relationships.

You may even feel less than a man, and worried that you’ll never be able to satisfy any partner. In fact, you may have shut down all sexual relationships to avoid the embarrassment and humiliation of not lasting long enough.

Early ejaculation has been associated with a range of
negative psychological effects, including anxiety, depression,
emotional pain, loss of self-esteem and ongoing stress.


Today, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 men report experiencing early ejaculation.

Instead of feeling pleasure, you suffer constant frustration and emotional pain that is often overwhelming and limits connection — with both yourself and with your partner.

To add insult to injury, your negative thoughts that often accompany the actual physical issue interact and reinforce with each other. The result is a negative feedback loop that blocks you from getting what you really want out of your sexual experiences.

Whether you only occasionally experience premature ejaculation or it’s an ongoing issue… I’m here with some great news….

“I’ll teach you my breakthrough 5-step system for lasting as long as you want.”

Keeley Rankin


Look, I understand how frustrated and hopeless you feel.

Even worse, early ejaculation carries a huge social stigma, which stops many men from reaching out for help.

It’s difficult for men to find legitimate, practical and effective treatment that really works to overcome premature ejaculation issues.

You may have tried Googling for answers, only to read silly things like “think about something not sexy or masturbate before you have sex.

Keeley Rankin

I created my breakthrough Early Ejaculation Mastery Video Course so you can finally get the expert help, guidance and support you need at an affordable cost.

My unique 5-step system really works to help men naturally overcome early ejaculation struggles, which leads to lasting changes so you can love sex again.

You’ll learn easy, step-by-step techniques for gaining complete control of your erotic experiences, including your ejaculation.

I’ll show you how to develop a deeper connection with yourself, which will lead to longer lasting sexual experiences where you can enjoy, relax and be in pleasure.

Keeley Rankin

Wow, I did not know how many mistakes I was making. After taking your course I realize I can last as long as I want. Thank you for giving me hope that I am not doomed to a life of bad sex.



You want to gain full control over your orgasms. You want to gain full control over your orgasms.
You want to feel more pleasure throughout your body. You want to feel more pleasure throughout your body.
You want to learn how to fully relax into sex without experiencing constant anxiety. You want to learn how to fully relax into sex without experiencing constant anxiety.
You want to deeply understand and relate to your body’s arousal. You want to deeply understand and relate to your body’s arousal.
You want a deeper and more intimate connection with your partner. You want a deeper and more intimate connection with your partner.
You want to learn proven, time-tested ways to last longer without medications. You want to learn proven, time-tested ways to last longer without medications.
You want to lessen anxiety and negative thinking that sabotages your ejaculations. You want to lessen anxiety and negative thinking that sabotages your ejaculations.
You want to improve your confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being. You want to improve your confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being.

My Early Ejaculation Mastery Video Course will give you all the skills you need to gain control over your ejaculation without the high cost that my private clients pay.

Whether you’ve just started ejaculating early or this has been a lifelong struggle, my unique approach will provide you with the help you need.

I’ll personally guide you step-by-step in each video lesson so you can learn the practical skills needed to last longer and experience more pleasure in your body.

My approach is perfect for men at any stage of a relationship, or for those who are not in a relationship at all.

In other words, you don’t need to currently be in a sexual relationship to learn and benefit from my course.

Once you learn ejaculatory control, you’ll gain a lifelong skill, regain your confidence, and start enjoying a more fulfilling and joyful sex life.

“You’ll Learn the Same ‘Top Secret’ Techniques That I Teach My Private Clients Who Pay Hundreds of Dollars Per Session”

Keeley Rankin


In 12 engaging videos, I’ll personally show you how to create more space for the erotic energy to flow easily in your body, preventing it from releasing too soon.

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools, tips and strategies you need to permanently control your orgasms.

I have years of successful experience helping countless men overcome early ejaculation, which allows me to anticipate where you may get “stuck” and steer you to lasting control.

My course will teach you how to find immense pleasure in your erotic experiences again, which is as much about helping your partner have a good time as it is about controlling your ejaculations.

You’ll develop a profound new awareness of the pleasure your body can hold,
and how to really start enjoying your sexual experiences.


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Myth #1: Premature ejaculation can’t be controlled.

Truth: The great news is you can learn to control ejaculation. Think of learning to control ejaculation as similar to learning to play an instrument. For instance, you would not expect to play the piano one time and feel proficient. The same is true for learning how to explore arousal and feel in control of your orgasm. Once you learn, it’ll become second nature.

Myth #2: Premature ejaculation decreases with age.

Truth: The stereotype is that early ejaculation is a younger man’s problem, and it subsides with age. But I’ve worked with men who range in age from 20 to 65. Like anything else, some men do grow out of this struggle with age, although many men do not. Some men actually develop control struggles later in life.

Myth #3: Thinking about something not sexy will help you last longer.

Truth: Actually, just the reverse is true! Thinking about other things while having sex will not only take you out of the moment, but also won’t help you gain control. When you focus on something else, you’re not only still ejaculating fast, you’re not even present enough to enjoy the short time you were having sex!

Myth #4: You just need to develop your kegel muscles.

Truth: This is one of the most common misconceptions around premature ejaculation and learning control. In very few instances, have I worked with someone who had so little kegel muscle control that they needed to develop the muscle. Needing to develop kegel muscles has only been necessary when they have had trauma in the area – like surgery or infection. Learning how to relax your entire body, including your pelvic floor and kegel muscles, is the key for how long you will last.

Myth #5: Men have premature ejaculation if they ejaculate within two minutes of insertion.

Truth: Many men claim they last longer than two minutes but insisted they had PE. Fixation on the duration of intercourse misses the point. The issue is not duration but lack of control over ejaculatory timing, no matter how long things last.


How much of your hard-earned money have you wasted on useless scams and gimmicks that didn’t do a thing to help your premature ejaculation except drain your bank account?

The sad truth is that it’s difficult for men to find legitimate and practical help for premature ejaculation that will lead to lasting change.

A big problem is the internet.

There are very few reliable online resources for men with this struggle.

Keeley Rankin

Instead, it’s filled with self-proclaimed “expert” sex gurus who endorse a hodgepodge of useless information in regard to premature ejaculation treatment.

In most cases, the so-called “advice” that I’ve come across is unhelpful, potentially harmful and can make the problem even worse.

There are certain prescription medications that can delay premature ejaculation only briefly, or prevent it altogether.

And they fail to address the root of your issue so they do not provide sustainable results.

Keeley Rankin

They also come with the risk of serious side effects, including nausea, headache, diarrhea, libido loss, and erection impairment.

You’ll also find creams, sprays that contain numbing agents or anesthetic treatments.

Troublesome side effects include lowered libido and sensitivity loss. If you’re not using a condom, that includes sensation loss for your partner as well.

Happily, the Early Ejaculation Mastery Video Course is a safer, smarter and all-natural way to gain permanent mastery over your ejaculation without any risk of dangerous side effects.

Keeley Rankin

I am only part of the way through this course and I am already
lasting way longer than ever before in my life.


If you’re ejaculating faster than you’d like,
you’re missing out on enormous pleasure
and deeper connection during sex.

After working with hundreds of men of all ages overcome early ejaculation, I truly believe that all men can learn how to control their orgasms.

My course provides step-by-step guidance that will teach the skills for lasting as long as you want, and then ejaculating whenever you wish.

The Early Ejaculation Mastery Video Course to makes it easy and affordable to learn proven techniques for overcoming premature ejaculation, so you can fully enjoy your sexuality and erotic experiences.

You’ll learn my proven 5-step system, and how to apply practical, effective, and actionable exercises.

And I’ll be guiding you every step of the way so you always feel supported, motivated and inspired to stay on track.

“Take control of
your ejaculation
instead of allowing
it control you.”

Keeley Rankin
Keeley Rankin


As a leading sex and relationship coach, male sexual struggles are my specialty, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and general sexual competency. I’ve worked with countless men to help them learn about connection, desire and sexual function. The happy result is that they become better lovers to their partner and developing a more profound sense of self-awareness. I also help men work through the shame and sensitivity that accompany emotion-based sexual issues.

I received my Master’s in counseling psychology in 2010 with an emphasis in holistic studies and a focus in marriage and family therapy from John F. Kennedy University in Northern California. I’m a Certified Somatica Method Practitioner, Certified Queer Conscious Educator and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. I’m also co-founder of, a sex education pleasure based website and co-created Sex as Meditation, a group workshop series bringing mindfulness practices into your sexual life. I also lead educational workshops on male sexual difficulties for psychotherapists and coaches, and create video series courses that help people from the comforts of their own home.


Intro Video:

Keeley Rankin
  • Overview of the course.

Video 1:

Keeley Rankin
  • How the 5-step system works
  • Best way to engage with these videos
  • Outline for the course
  • Best frame of mind for the greatest success
  • Demo of basic embodiment
  • Discussion of what success looks like

Video 2:

Keeley Rankin
  • Addressing the idea of “how quickly men should get aroused”
  • Busting myths and the “shoulds” about the hardness of your cock
  • More experiential work, including full erotic embodiment breath work with a full body scan
  • Explore how to begin the process of learning to fully inhabit you cock
  • Explore self touch throughout the entire body

Video 3:

Keeley Rankin
  • What my balanced human sexuality model is, and how it works
  • How breath, anxiety curve and arousal curve all play together to control ejaculation
  • How to understand your body in relationship to breath, and the curves for you to learn control
  • Receive guidance on self pleasure practices.
  • How to engage with masturbation in a way that will help you learn to control.
  • Some things to watch out for during practice.

Video 4:

Keeley Rankin
  • Discussions of sexual arch, anxiety and trauma
  • How to separate the anxiety and arousal curves
  • The role of anal breath
  • What “ the arch of sexual experience” is, including what is healthy
  • How anxiety and trauma play a role in early ejaculation, and exactly how to overcome them

Video 5:

Keeley Rankin
  • The idea of talking with lovers about this struggle, and how, when and why it is important to open up to them
  • Learning how to move up the arousal curve for the most success
  • Deepening into Step 5, spreading the erotic energy all over your body

Video 6:

Keeley Rankin
  • Very important ‘up and down’ game
  • Discuss the frame of mind you want to be in when being with a lover
  • Setting healthy expectations with a partner that will lead you closer to the control you desire

Video 7:

Keeley Rankin
  • Understanding the 'Orgasm trap'
  • An exercise to strengthen your relationship with delaying your ejaculation: ‘turn it up but don’t blow’
  • Discuss what sexual experiences look like for men who don’t struggle with early ejaculation struggles

Video 8:

Keeley Rankin
  • The 3 main tools you’ll need to build the walls of your house, aka the next level or phase of ejaculation control tools and I will give you ways to start to explore the first 2
  • Introduction to a powerful exercise called mirror masturbation
  • Check in to make sure you’re right where you need to be

Video 9:

Keeley Rankin
  • Discussion about fantasy, and how to bring this creative and exciting stimulation back into your practice without panicking the body
  • The 4 categories of fantasy
  • Review the balanced human sexuality model and how this applies to fantasy
  • Learn how to bring in phase 1 on fantasy

Video 10:

Keeley Rankin
  • Learning about making sounds, how to follow turn ons, allowing for more erotic openness through your whole experience
  • Adding in ‘porn phase 2’
  • Bringing in noise game to help men deepen into their bodies more fully

Video 11:

Keeley Rankin
  • What you need to do to be ready for penetration sex
  • Last steps for building the walls
  • Adding in male sex toys - practice for the real thing
  • Why you need a sex toy, and how to use it so it can help you get ready for a partner

Video 12:

Keeley Rankin
  • Discussion of the last practice exercise for your building walls
  • The best positions to explore penetration sex
  • Closing comments and advice


Things are going really well. **** describes it to her friends as things are going the best they’ve ever been. Can’t thank you enough! Really, thank you.
~ Client , New York City
I just wanted to thank you for creating a beautiful space where I was able to explore my sex and try and understand how it all works. Your warmth and beautiful energy are amazing.
~ Client , Palo Alto
Working with Keeley was an experience I’ll never forget. She offered understanding and empathy beyond what I expected, and restoration and healing beyond what I’d hoped for. I highly and sincerely recommend her, 100%.
~ Client , San Francisco
Why did it take you so long to make this course? Seriously, thank you. Life changing.
~ HB , (Online PE Video Course)
Wow, I did not know how many mistakes I was making. Thank you for giving me hope that I am not doomed to a life of bad sex.
~ JW , (Online PE Video Course)
I am only part of the way though this course and I am already lasting way longer than ever before in my life.
~ BL , (Online Video Course)
“I wanted to reach out is to say ‘thank you.’ Honestly, I don’t think I would be able to have the relationship I have without the work that we did together. One of the things I’ve come to understand this past year is the amount of trauma that’s been a part of my life, and how working with you has helped me re-connect with myself. I still think I have more work to do, but huge strides have been made.”
~ Client, Oakland
The best part for me about the premature ejaculation audio course was when you said even a 1 second improvement is an improvement, which helps me to not feel as much pressure to improve quickly.  Plus, I could totally relate about how you said the early ejaculation problems also end up causing some men to have problems getting it up, which I know all too well.
~ Client , Sacramento
I think you are the best, the tops, #1. I really, really, really, just can’t imagine finding anyone more special, anyone who connects with me more, anyone who is wiser, more caring, more compassionate, or a better healer for me. I am so lucky that you’re in my life. You’re an amazing teacher and I think with your help I might make it. I’m so lucky!!
~ Client , Los Altos
Keeley is an amazing professional, and one of the warmest human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She helped me overcome cultural shame and brought an entirely new world of sexual possibility into my life. I feel extremely lucky to have met her, and worked with someone that takes her practice so seriously, but is also willing to work her clients in an extremely customized – and fun – way. I would recommend Keeley to anyone seeking their north star in understanding their sexuality, or unlocking opportunities to meet, connect, and share with others in.
~ Client , San Francisco
I appreciate you, you are amazing at what you do and always seem to know what I need next. I really don’t know how you pull everything together but I don’t need to. I just know you have changed me and that you are an amazing human being. No matter were my journey takes me I will never forget the impact you have had on my life.
~ Client , San Francisco
From Yelp: In therapeutic circles there is a saying: “feel to heal.” Meaning that if you have experienced some hurt or trauma, the way you heal is by creating a safe space and allowing yourself to fully feel the emotional impact of the hurt or trauma. By experiencing and expressing yourself fully, you are then freed of patterns originated by the hurt or trauma. So what happens when someone experiences a sexual hurt, or a sexual trauma? One that is intertwined with arousal? Where can a person go to safely “feel to heal”? There really isn’t anything out there..
~ Client , Santa Rosa
I tell so many people about you. All in a different way but they all love how much you help me. What you have given me is so much. You are a special person and I do not go to church on Sunday’s but my parents taught me what Gods work is. It is helping others. And you are helping me more than you will ever know. I can pay you every week, give you a hug on the way out, but it will never be enough. You are an amazing human being and I don’t have any idea.
~ Client , Santa Rosa
Just wanted to follow up and let you know how much those sessions have helped me both mentally and physically. Since I’ve been back I have put them into practice in my relationship and it has been “mind blowing.” (Her words not mine.) I feel myself being a lot more attentive to my desires and needs and vocalizing them – and doing that has been received really well and heightened pleasure for both of us. I know part of it is being in a healthier relationship but I also know that the insight you gave me and the corresponding.
~ Client , Washington, DC.
I just got back from fun filled vacation in Puerto Rico and wanted to thank you again. At one point I was feeling that we were a little off and the “old me” would have taken it as that and not approached her; however, I heard your voice in my head telling me to be a bit more aggressive and, once again, you were right!!! Turned into an incredibly hot session in the bathroom and just made a great trip even more fantastic.
~ Client , San Francisco
While words cannot express the help you have given me in the past two days, I do want to let you know I am extremely thankful for you. You are a beautiful person with a soul of gold that positively affects this world because you are able to honor the moment, the human condition, and never be condescending or judgmental. It is a gift and I am glad I am fortunate enough to experience it. To be honest, I never once thought I would be able to do half the things that we did these past two days. I.
~ Client , Chicago
I appreciate all that you have helped me with and all that you stand for. Even if I am at the end of my current relationship, I have more peace than I ever have. I feel more free with myself and in my whole life than I ever have before. I got so much more than just the sexual aspect of this work, much more about life than I expected. I notice the difference in how I feel physically and the peace and personal power I feel for myself when I reconnect. This is amazing work and I cannot thank.
~ Client , San Francisco
I feel like my eyes have been opened to a new world of possibilities.  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but it turned out to be life changing.  Please give Celeste and Danielle my gratitude for setting up an environment for men to learn what we didn’t get to learn from school, family, or society.  Also, you are amazing in every sense of the word and I enjoyed sharing my trust, my passion, and my inner lion with you   From the bottom of my heart..thank you!
~ Client , San Francisco
I’d just like to tell you that I remember you and our time together very warmly and I really appreciate what you did for me. I feel like it was an important step on my journey. I think you’re doing truly inspired work. 🙂
~ Client , Santa Cruz
You are very, very good at what you do – not just the sexual training part but your broader understanding of human need and your capacity for empathy and acceptance. I feel very lucky to have met you.
~ Client , San Francisco
Thanks again thank you for your tutelage, to say it was an eye opening experience would be a severe understatement. – New world discovered.
~ Client , Washington D.C.
I want to give you my warmest thanks for the time we shared over. I can honestly say that it was an experience that a part of me was always searching for, but never expected to have. That may or may not make sense, but I mean it in a very good way.
~ Client , Los Angeles
Thank you for providing a safe and supportive environment to explore and being such a good guide.  I love the insights you’re giving me into women.  Although perhaps more important is the idea that I need to focus on what I want and go for it. But knowing how to read women a little better certainly doesn’t hurt!!!!!! 🙂
~ Client , Palo Alto
I feel touched at a fundamental level . . . .
~ Client , Palo Alto
I have found our sessions extremely helpful and you have enlightened me on so many levels specific to which are those things within my control along with the tools you have given me. You are a truly kind person with a great soul and spirit.
~ Client , San Francisco
Our work was very enlightening and you certainly made me feel comfortable and relaxed to let some of these new techniques to take hold. I felt a real connection to you in a very short period of time which allowed me to open up very quickly. I have much to work on but feel I’m on the right path.
~ Client , Toronto. Canada
I wanted to let you know that several people this past week have made comments about me appearing more relaxed than ever before. For whatever reason, I feel a lot less stressed. Now, I do not want to say my journey has ended or anything like that, but I think my time with you took helped heal some wounds that have lingered for a long time. It’s also as if my chemical makeup or something is different…it’s really extraordinary. I hope it lasts =).
~ Client , Chicago


For most men, it’s literally priceless!

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You’ll be able to watch and learn on all your devices at your convenience.

Want my personalized guidance and support along the way? The rate for my private sessions is $300 per hour. For a limited time only during registration, I’m offering a 40-minute one-on-one phone coaching session for $100.

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