I want to offer you the premature ejaculation treatment plan that I have used to help countless men.

As a sex and relationship expert specializing in male sexual issues, I have witnessed first-hand the struggles and triumphs of many men who struggle with premature ejaculation (PE). After helping countless men overcome ejaculation control struggles, I decided it would be the most helpful for others if I consolidated what has worked and offer these solutions to you so that you can create lasting sexual fulfillment in your own life.

I know the information you’ll find on my site will give you insight and guidance into the sex life you have always dreamed of experiencing! I believe all men can learn to overcome their premature ejaculation struggles. It just takes a little bit knowledge and conscious effort.

Let’s get started.

We all long to experience sexual fulfillment, erotic connection, desire, and passion. But if you struggle with early ejaculation (PE), you’re missing out…… missing out on pleasure and connection during sex because you are ejaculating faster than you’d like.

Before you even know it, before you even experience arousal building in your body – you cum! Instead of pleasure, you experience psychological frustration and emotional pain that is often overwhelming and limits connection — with both yourself and with your partner.

To add insult to injury, the negative thoughts that often accompany the actual physical issue interact with each other and reinforce each other. This creates a negative feedback loop that blocks you from getting what you really want out of your sexual experiences.

I want to help you learn the practical skills that you need to last longer and experience more pleasure in your body. I want to give you the PE treatment plan that will really work for you! But first, I will help you get a more clear understanding around the underlying reasons behind your struggle. Illuminating the factors that contribute to your early ejaculation (PE) is often the first step in releasing you from the forces that are holding you back.

…..I don’t currently have a partner?

I want to mention that you do not need to be in a relationship to start this process. My approach is meant for men at any stage of a relationship or who are not in a relationship at all. Meaning, you can start practicing this approach today regardless of how much sex you are having. This approach will also be helpful for you whether or not you have just started ejaculating early or if this has been a lifelong struggle.

Although most early ejaculators (PE) face similar hurdles, I recommend following this advice at your own pace and figuring out what parts are most applicable to you. My goal is to help you last longer, feel more pleasure and erotic energy in your body, and be able to relax and enjoy sex.

Is it premature ejaculation or early ejaculation?

I typically do not refer to this issue as premature ejaculation (PE), I refer to it as early ejaculation, because you’re cumming earlier than you want. To me, the phrasing early ejaculation feels a little softer and less intimidating. (Note: to get this article widely spread so people like yourself can see it, I will be using premature ejaculation or PE more frequently then I would typically in sessions).

There is often this assumption that only younger men or maybe sexually inexperienced men struggle with premature ejaculation. I want to lay that idea to rest – many men, from all walks of life and ages can struggle with early ejaculation (PE).

My intention here with this information and treatment plan is to give you the tools that will enable you to get control over your ejaculation – so you can have sex for as long as you want – giving you the choice over when you ejaculate.


I view early ejaculation (PE) as a form of anxiety. Your body is getting overwhelmed by the feeling of arousal for one reason or another. You start to feel the build up and your erection coming on, then the anxiety takes over and arousal literally goes right through you.

It’s the fight or flight response – the body is in a state of panic and falls into the false belief that it only has two options: to ejaculate or lose your erection – anything to dissipate the anxiety.

It’s pretty common for men who struggle with premature ejaculation to eventually be unable to get hard under stressful situations, like being with a partner. These men started with early ejaculation and now have found themselves unable to get hard.

Unfortunately, this becomes the norm for too many men. The body eventually becomes too overwhelmed by the anxiety to connect with arousal at all.

Self-propelling loop of arousal anxiety

Regardless of how the pattern of anxiety originally got created, it now feeds on itself and creates a self-propelling system where you continue to get more and more anxious around arousal and sex, making the issues of control more and more embedded.

A fun and fulfilling sex life requires a state of openness and being un-self-conscious, and anxiety doesn’t allow for this openness to happen. In the dread, worry or fear of cumming too fast it is impossible not to be self-conscious. One cannot be playful and anxious at the same time.

Play and anxiety do not mix.

In this fearful or hypervigilant state – your body interprets your surroundings as a dangerous place and your body starts to contract or pull in. Mentally and physically you are now cut off from the sensations in your body, which are necessary for controlling your ejaculation.

You cannot control your ejaculation if you don’t know what is happening in your body.

Learning to become less anxious goes beyond just having a hard cock without cumming. While there are many, many different ways to enjoy a sexual experience and provide pleasure to your partner that do not directly involving your hard cock being hard– it is worthwhile and important to know how to experience and enjoy arousal in your own body, with your cock hard and you fully connected to your experience.

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