Step 4

‘Sweet Spot’

Step 4 is learning where your “sweet spot” is on your arousal curve. When you first start working on ejaculation control, your sweet spot is going to be much lower than after you’ve gained more confidence.

Meaning when you first start to practice, your sweet spot might be between a 3 and a 5. That’s where your anxiety is relatively low.

You want to keep your anxiety curve under a 5. So, if your arousal curve and your anxiety curve are running parallel to each other, and you want to stay under a 5 on the anxiety curve, you don’t want to go over a 5 on the arousal curve until your arousal can break away from anxiety.

Gradually, as you get more comfortable, your sweet spot will move between 4 and 6, and then 5 and 7, and then 6 and 8, and so on.

The sweet spot is about holding the most amount of pleasure in the body with the least amount of anxiety. We don’t want you don’t feel like you’re going ejaculate right away. This will only cause you more anxiety.

But….how do I do this?

You may be wondering how to move down the arousal curve to stay in your sweet spot. This is where the second part of anal breath comes in.

When you feel yourself getting too high on the arousal curve, you need to change your breath to be more directed towards your asshole. At first this may take between 15 to 100 breaths to let your arousal curve drop. Eventually, most men learn to use 3 anal breaths to come down on their arousal curve. This takes practice, patience and lots of paying attention to where you are.