Premature Ejaculation

Let’s face it, ejaculating too soon is the ultimate buzz-killer.
Ejaculating too quickly can not only ruin an entire evening…. It can adversely impact your psychological well-being, quality of life, confidence, and sexual relationships.
You may even feel less than a man, and worried that you’ll never be able to satisfy any partner. In fact, you may have shut down all sexual relationships to avoid the embarrassment and humiliation of not lasting long enough.
Today, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 men report experiencing early ejaculation.
Instead of feeling pleasure, you suffer constant frustration and emotional pain that is often overwhelming and limits connection — with both yourself and with your partner.
To add insult to injury, your negative thoughts that often accompany the actual physical issue interact and reinforce with each other. The result is a negative feedback loop that blocks you from getting what you really want out of your sexual experiences.
Whether you only occasionally experience premature ejaculation or it’s an ongoing issue… I’m here with some great news….


Look, I understand how frustrated and hopeless you feel.

Even worse, early ejaculation carries a huge social stigma, which stops many men from reaching out for help.

It’s difficult for men to find legitimate, practical and effective treatment that really works to overcome premature ejaculation issues.

You may have tried Googling for answers, only to read silly things like “think about something not sexy” or masturbate before you have sex. Or do your ‘kegels.’ It didn’t work. I’m sure of it. This is not good advice.

It is difficult for men to find legitimate and practical help for premature ejaculation that will surmount in lasting change. I have even heard many unhelpful and almost harmful ideas coming off the internet.

Please, do not read another blog or watch another youtube video.

I assure you you’re waisting your time.

I know this because I have worked with countless men and heard all about what they have learned online.  I know what actually leads to lasting changes. I want to help you learn the tips, tricks and skills you need to be able to fully enjoy your erotic experiences.

Premature Ejaculation Mastery Video Course

Premature Ejaculation Audio Course

basic theory on how to last longer

First Steps

Right now, get started understanding my unique, client proven 5- Step System that has helped men from all parts of the world overcome premature ejaculation.

In my one-hour long downloadable audio course, I compiled the most useful and important information you need. This in-depth audio will give you the basic foundation on how to last longer in bed.

Download my Premature Ejaculation Audio Course: basic theory on how to last longer

**To work personally with me 1 ~ 1, I require my clients listen to this one hour audio before our first session. ** Please note, if you purchase the Mastery Video Course, this audio is included for free. 

Personal 1 ~ 1 Individual Coaching Sessions

After working with countless men to overcome early ejaculation, I know what works to help you last in bed. Men of all ages and stages of severity have trusted me to guide them towards deeper pleasure and self confidence.

My unique 5-Step System really works to help men naturally overcome early ejaculation struggles, which leads to lasting changes so you can love sex again.

I’ll teach you how to find immense pleasure in your erotic experiences, which is as much about helping your partner have a good time as it is about controlling your ejaculations.

In your 1~1 in person coaching sessions, we will not only explore your personal physiological and psychological barriers, but the sessions will be tailored to you. Based on my expertise, I’ll be able to help you make a customized plan of attack. Together, I will help you make progress to lasting as long as you want in bed.

Mmmm, YES and also NO. Not ready to work with me 1-1?

I totally get it. This topic is hard is complex. You want help. You need help – and even though I am an expert…I am also a stranger.

Or maybe, it isn’t realistic to get to San Francisco.

That is why I created the Premature Ejaculation Mastery Video Course.

My breakthrough Early Ejaculation Mastery Video Course will allow you to finally get the expert help, guidance and support you need at an affordable cost.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn easy, step-by-step techniques for gaining complete control of your ejaculation.

You can begin learning my unique client proven method for ejaculation control right now!

Once you learn ejaculatory control, you’ll gain a lifelong skill, regain your confidence, and start enjoying a more fulfilling and joyful sex life.

How to start changing your sexual world today:

Premature Ejaculation Audio Course

– basic theory on how to last longer –

Premature Ejaculation Mastery Video Course
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