Up-Coming Workshops

Intro | May 12th

Are you curious about the intersection of meditation and sexuality? We want to help you feel the power of bringing mindfulness into your erotic world.

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Social Norms | June 9

Bring mindful attention to how you are trapped in unhelpful sexual social norms. Learn how get unstuck from societal pressures and bask in the ease, pleasure and fulfillment of a connected sexy self.

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Shame & Fear | July 14

We’ll dive into our own personal fears and shame that keep us from the love, connection and sex we truly desire. Set yourself free to engage sexually without shame and fear.

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Bodies | Sept. 15

We only get one body to live in ~ How well do you inhabit yours?Creating a compassionate and loving relationship with our bodies is critical for pleasure to flow.

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Love & Sex | Oct. 13

Explore tools that will open you more fully to the love and sexual attention we all crave. Learn how to be present, listen and understand more deeply the ways in which we cut ourselves off from love.

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Fantasy | Nov. 10

Let’s dive into your inner world and build a healthy relationship with your sexual fantasies and desires. We want to help you hold your fantasies in conscious, clear and loving awareness so you can more easily navigate them.

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Why Sex as Meditation workshops are for YOU…

  • Bring mindfulness to sexuality and pleasure
  • Make conscious and pleasure aware decisions about our bodies
  • Get out of our heads and talk about sex in a healthy, fun and honest way
  • Find more enjoyable and present centered erotic experiences
  • Create more honesty and clarity in our sex lives
  • Allow for more alignment with the love we desire
  • Welcome more fluid and open communication with partners
  • Open to deeper relationships
  • Separate from social norms and gender roles
  • Learn to love ourselves and release shame
  • Confront and heal trauma
*To note, all group activities will be fully-clothed, in a safe and comforting environment.