Unleash Your Seductive Nature

Saturday, September 10, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: The Women’s Building, 3543 18th Street #8 San Francisco

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Do you feel an enormous pressure to be ‘sexy,’ yet don’t connect with truly feeling ‘sexy’ in your body?

You are not alone and we want to help you change your relationship to sexy. 

Daily, women are bombarded with mixed messages about what sexy ‘is’, and these messages actually put distances between us and our fully connected erotically selves.

Join Keeley Rankin and Elizabeth McGrath in this sensual and fun 3-hour workshop where you’ll connect with your unique sexy that will keep your lovers begging for more! 

Designed for folks who identify as female. This workshop does not include any nudity.

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Meet your Facilitators:

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Elizabeth McGrath, MA

Elizabeth is sex therapist and sexuality educator working in the Bay Area for the past twelve years.  She works with individuals and couples, guiding them as they learn to value their own pleasure and overcome obstacles to satisfying sexual expression resulting in exhilarating sex lives and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. She is a sexual lifestyle expert and highly experienced in issues of gender, kink, sexual embodiment, sexual orientation and sexual empowerment through self-acceptance. Elizabeth has her Masters in social work, is a certified yoga instructor, trained in the Somatica Method™ and speaks both locally and internationally about sexuality, gender, sexual expression and sexual performativity. She is also currently sharing my knowledge in the capacity of professor; teaching in the Master’s program at CIIS. To read more about Elizabeth, click here.

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Keeley Rankin, MA

Keeley is a sex therapist and realtionships coach for individuals and couples in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds her Master’s in counseling psychology with an emphasis in holistic studies and a focus in marriage and family therapy. She is a Certified Somatica® Method Practitioner, trained in Hakomi Therapy, is a Certified Queer Conscious Educator, and since 2012, have assisted world renowned psychotherapist, John Welwood. She grew up with a love for riding horses and has continued that passion. This bond has given her two advantages in life: the ability to understand the unspoken language of the body and the ability to use the body as a tool to communicate. This innate intelligence carries over into how she helps people today realize their full sexual potential, to become aware of sensation, to discover and intensify their desires, to release old perceptions of self and to break through into new ways of connecting. To learn more about Keeley, click here.

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