We did it! We made a Video Course for men to overcome early ejaculation struggles!

There was more than 100 moments when I asked myself out loud:

“What are you thinking?”

I had an idea early last year: I want to created an online video course for clients who struggle with premature ejaculation.

Over the years, I developed a unique client proven method that has cured many men struggling with cuming too quickly.

I receive many calls from men all over the world asking for help. They desperately desired a pathway for treatment from premature ejaculation.

Deep down, I felt a calling to reach more people. To help them put their ejaculation control struggles behind them once and for all. I have the tools, I simply needed to figure out how to present them.

I set out on a task: create an online course.

Over months of planning, a script (yes – I wrote an entire script for myself – it is about 85 pages long) became a 12 Chapter series where men can work at their own pace – from the comfort of their own home.

As more people joined the project, it became clear that I was actually doing this. Let me tell you about the nerves! My nerves. They kept me up at night:

~ Would this be helpful for people?

~ Would I be able to hold it all together on film day?

~ Would everyone show up?

~ Could I get my points across on camera?

I could not be more proud of myself to proclaim loudly here now ‘YES’.

Yes, to every part of the above ‘nervous up at night questions.”

Yes – my Premature Ejaculation Mastery Course is going to help many, many people have more pleasurable sexual experiences!

Yes – I did hold it all together on film day. Most of my crew didn’t even realize it was my first time filming something of this depth. They said they were ‘impressed.’ I ate that up!!

Yes – everyone showed up right on time and in a great mood. Ready to work and make this the best production it could be.

Yes – I was able to get all my major points across on camera. Using the skills I gained over the last year about becoming an ‘actress’ prepared me for filming day. Ok, maybe it is a bit dramatic to call myself and actress, but I also learned about being a diva….so in some ways …..

The 12 Chapter Series for Premature Ejculation Mastery Class is more incredible than I could have ever of dreamed.

Filming day. Looking at the script to try to remember what I am wanting to convey on screen.

With the help of my speaking team, I was ready for my on camera debut:

  • Barbara Abel from Brooklyn took on the roll as my on-camera media coach. Thank goodness for her! I had a long way to go to be ready for ‘the camera’. Barbara held my hand gracefully and with such support. She helped me realize that my vulnerability around the filming process is a true gift to my clients. She also became one of my favorite people in the world for holding me during this time. Thank you Barbara!!
  • Ben Cristou became my public speaking coach. He took on the large assignment of helping me grow more comfortable holding the energy in the room and learning to be myself as I speak. Ben took on this task with a big smile on his face the-whole-time. Thank you Ben for encouraging me to step into the roll of entertainer and believing in the importance of delivering this material well.

The film crew rocked it!

A huge thank you to Sally Hansen, my unreal producer for making everything happen. You are a ‘behind the scenes rock star.’

The shots are incredible, the sound is perfect.

The 2 days we spent filming were not only memorable because the importance of what we created, but also fun. Turns out, film people know how to have a good time!

Behind the scenes conversation on lighting.

The pink dildo that was hanging around the set also added to some playful fun times!

In infamous pink dildo. I would find this guy randomly stuck on many windows. I think the crew was having a bit too much fun with it all.

My hair and makeup folks ~ Heather Bettencourt, thank you for waking up at 4 AM and driving through the deepest fog I have ever seen in Sonoma County. It is important to look your best when filming. You made me look and feel super sexy and ready. You’re the best!

6 am makeup and hair call!

To my family, chosen family and friends:

None of this project could have been possible without every single one of you.

You supported me and lifted me up when I was not longer able to do it myself.

Thank you for helping take my idea from a vision to film.

In hindsight, this was a pretty crazy idea. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into in terms of time, energy and vulnerability.

And as crazy of an idea as it was, I had SO much fun!

I learned a lot about filming, myself, and how to be better prepared next time.

There is an empowered and excitement inside me to create more courses.

I would love to learn more from you what courses you need and want. Click HERE to take a quick survey to tell me what you would like to learn about.


Learn about the ideas I already have in the mix HERE

I am ecstatic to create more more online video courses for you and many more people around the world.

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