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Do you want to be more confident in bed?

Feel sexually uninhibited & experience more pleasure in your body?

Do you want to have the sex you dream about?

Are you motivated & open minded with a desire to look inside yourself?

Could you use guidance around where things are misaligned?

Since 2010, I’ve worked in private practice as a sex coach in San Francisco, California. I use practical & body-based methods to help individual & couples move through physical and emotional intimacy struggles. They’re looking to make sex playful, fulfilling and invigorating — to fully let go erotically!

My clients have a huge capacity for love but they can’t seem to put it all together in the intimacy category. If you’re ready to stand in your power in the bedroom, understand yourself sexually and unleash what you have always know was inside of you, I can help you get there.


Do feel like you are always holding back sexually?
Or maybe you feel like you keep missing sexual opportunities because you do not know what to do? Perhaps you would just like to feel more confident in bed? In our experiential sex coaching sessions, I will help you deepen your connection to intimacy and sex.

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All of us want to feel healthy and beautiful, bringing a sense of uninhibited sexuality into the bedroom. So why is it so hard sometimes?
In our sessions, I will help you navigate the rocky terrain of intimacy, sex and relationships.

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It is normal and natural to have desires and need sexual connection in our romantic relationships.
It is just as normal for the energy to get blocked. In session, I will help you sort through the complexities of your relationship and find practical tools that will help you two get back to the love making you deserve.

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