Keeley Rankin


I grew up with a love for riding horses and have been lucky enough to have continued my passion. This has given me two advantages in life: the ability to understand the unspoken language of the body and the ability to use the body as a tool to communicate. This innate intelligence carries over into what I do today as sex therapist and relationship coach.

I help individuals and couples realize their full sexual potential, to discover and intensify their desires, become aware of sensation, release old perceptions of self and to break through into a new ways of connecting.

Romance, marriage, intimacy, infidelity, sex, vulnerability and love have always fascinated me. Why do some people thrive in eroticism and while others fail to connect? What is real love? What does it mean to share your body with someone? How do relationships change over time?

I have come to understand that one of the deepest and most vulnerable experiences of being human is sharing ourselves fully with another – naked, defenseless, and open both physically and emotionally.

Being able to express our erotic energy and desires is to be fully alive.

In my work as sex therapist I have felt, seen and learned about this truth, and think everyone deserves to experience this.


I received my Master’s in counseling psychology in 2010 with an emphasis in holistic studies and a focus in marriage and family therapy from John F. Kennedy University in Northern California. I am a Certified Somatica® Method Practitioner (a relational and experiential body-based therapy). Trained in Hakomi Therapy (somatic and mindfulness based method) and Recreation of the Self (R-CS) a system for re-empowering our ability to live from an undivided state of Selfhood in relationship with others. I also often draw upon Psychodynamic Therapy. I am a Certified Queer Conscious Educator, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and since 2009, have assisted world renowned psychotherapist, John Welwood (bridging the psychological and spiritual). I co-foundended BetterSexEd.org , a sex education pleasure based website and co-created Sex as Meditation, a group workship series bringing mindfulness practices into your sexual life. I also lead educational workshops on male sexual difficulties for therapists and coaches and create video series courses that can help people from the comforts of their own home. My offices are in San Francisco and Petaluma.

Male sexual struggles have become my specialty, including premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and general sexual competency. I help men overcome physical issues. Guiding them on becoming better lovers to their partner and developing a more profound sense of self-awareness. I also help men work through the shame and sensitivity that accompany emotion-based sexual issues.

People often ask me how I got involved in specializing in male sexuality. I saw a need for men to feel understood and get practical help around sexual function and development. These topics are gravely misunderstood by many. There is little help out there for men struggling to overcome sexual challenges. I have witnessed that with the right support and information, men can surmount and heal physiological, psychological and emotional sexual problems.


It is my passion to help clients learn about connection, desire and sexual pleasure. I love to help people learn how to find confidence in their erotic energy and enjoy their bodies fully. I have long felt honored to step into my clients lives on such an intimate way. Seeing the transformational power of healing sexual disconnects change people. They walk different, talk different and even look different.

My clients inspire me to become a better person, to learn more, be more knowledgeable and openminded. To be less defended and more present in life.

It is without a doubt, this work has chosen me and it have chosen it.

Professional Accreditations 

Academic Degree

    • Master in Counseling Psychology with a Focus in Marriage and Family Therapy and an Emphasis in Holistic Studies. John F. Kennedy University, 2013
      • Masters Thesis: Surrogate Partner Therapy
  • BA in Psychology. University of California, Irvine. 2008


    • The Healing Power of Unconditional Presence; Integrating Spiritual, Psychological and Embodiment Work. Ongoing Group; John Welwood, PhD., 2009 – present
    • Sessions with Esther Perel. Online community forum for therapist, coaches and educators. Esther Perel, 2016 – present
    • Recreation of the Self. 8 month training. John Eisman, META. 2019
    • Recreation of the Self: Model of Human Systems. Hakomi Institute of California, 2018
    • Embodied Love and Lovemaking: A Full-Spectrum Neurobiological-Gestalt (FSG)Training In Embodied Relational Sex Therapy. Stella Resnick, 2018
    • The Hakomi Character Map. Hakomi Institute of California, 2017
    • Teacher’s Assistant. Hakomi – Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy;  California Institute of Integral Studies, 2017
    • Somatica Professional Couples Training. Somatica® Institute, 2016
    • Attending to Attachment; Mindfulness Based Approaches to Healing Adult Attachment. Hakomi Institute of California, 2016
    • Hakomi Professional Training. Hakomi Institute of California, 2013
    • Certified Somatica Practitioner. Somatica® Institute, 2013
    • Somatica Professional Training. Somatica® Institute, 2013
    • Certified Queer Conscious Educator. John F. Kennedy University, 2012
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker. Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, 2010