Premature ejaculation
Delayed Ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction

Do feel like you are often holding back sexually?

Or maybe you feel like you keep missing sexual opportunities because you feel unsure how to read her?

Perhaps you would just like to feel more confident in bed?

In our experiential sex therapy coaching sessions, I will help you deepen your connections to intimacy and sex.

What is it that women want?

I believe all people want to experience mind-blowing, earth shattering, soul cleansing sex. Equally, men and women report wanting to feel sexually alive, turned-on and swept up in the moment.
What women really want is to feel overwhelming desired by a man who has earned her trust and won her heart. When both of these two things happen, she can fully let go sexually. For this type of experience to unfold, you must be confident enough to bring forth your true sexual desires and be secure enough to let someone in.

Your gifts as a men

The first step begins with you – exploring and opening up to your own sexual desires, wants and needs. Learning how to bring your gifts as a man into your sexual relationships. I will help you connect with your own self-confidence. As well as learn how to welcome, understand and accept what turns you on. Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel the power of your sexual passion and unleash it with a willing partner? Let what’s already inside you work for you, not against you!

Sex coaching sessions

Through my interactive sex coaching style, you will feel supported while receiving comprehensive constructive feedback. You too can get everything you want out of your sexual experiences.“Learn how to approach your partner in a way that will elicit the kind of expression, release, and pleasure you (both) have been craving!”

Premature ejaculation
Delayed Ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction

Specialize in treating Male Performance issues

Common reasons

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is the fear of being a bad lover or the fear of being unable to please a woman, that you won’t do it right and your abilities will fall short of what’s expected. Let’s change your views of sex and give you the confidence you need to make it fun to sexually engage with women.

Dating Help

You can be successful in dating, and you probably just need a little help understanding what women are looking for and what the dating ‘game’ is all about. Let’s help you understand and develop the tools you need to feel comfortable on dates and find happiness.

Confidence – Improving Sexual Techniques and Become a Better Lover

Confidence is probably the most important turn on. It is also at the core of going after what you want – going after what you want is the key to being a good lover. Being a good lover is taught through experiences that build confidence; we are not just born with these skills. Let me help you learn how to become more of who you really are as a confidence, sexy man.


Moving From A Sexual Scarcity Mentality Into ~ Sexual Abundance

Getting from scarcity to abundance around sex will change your whole life. Imagine feeling like you can sexually have everything you desire and feel like you deserve it? Let’s explore what is holding you back from feeling and getting sexual abundance in your life.

Learning About Your Emotional Barriers And How They Affect Intimacy And Connection

While women might initially be attracted to a man who shows confidence, to keep her coming back for more, you must also be emotionally available and open. Let’s explore how your emotional barriers to intimacy are limiting your sexual possibilities.

Understand Your True Desires And Easily Communicate Them

Knowing what turns you on and being able easy communicate your desires sounds simple, but in reality – can be very difficult. Gain clarity around what you want and learn how to express those desires in ways women can understand and relate too.

Bring Back Desire And Erotic Energy

Desire and passion are keys to feeling alive. When desire seems lost, within ourselves or between us and our partners, it can be difficult to feel like ourselves. As humans, we need connection, touch and passion in life. Do not live cut off from yourself any longer. Let’s explore and learn about yourself in a fresh, fun and non judgmental way.

Learn What Women Want

What women really want isn’t a colossal mystery. I want to help you understand what women are yearning for. Let me help you become self assured sexually and keep her coming back for more.

Tricky Turn-ons

Expressing ourselves sexually is one of the most vulnerable experiences we can have as humans. Expressing ourselves when our turn- ons feel out of the norm or politically incorrect can feel even more intimidating. How someone responds to your tricky- turn ons is all in the delivery. Let’s explore how we can help you express what your true turn ons are in a way that can get you exactly what you want.

Arousal Addiction/ Porn Addiction

It’s incredibly easy to get online and at the click of a button – see any sexual act we want. Sometimes, it can be hard to regulate or understand what is a “healthy” use of porn. The overuse of porn may cause issues in relationships and in sexual function. I want to help you create a healthy relationship with porn, your body and arousal.

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Premature ejaculation
Delayed Ejaculation
Erectile Dysfunction